Saturday, November 11, 2006

Mission briefing for operation final exam 2006

In view of the preparation of operation final exam 2006, counter-terrorist codename currytan shall hereby be briefed with the following instructions for the upcoming battle.

1) Operation Electronic devices
Mission code: EE2004
Mission time: 251106 1300 hrs

You are reminded to consume the cheese sausage semiconductor, preferably with the Gaussian surface (the roti), and try out the BJT (Brain-Book Judgmental Transfer) the night before the mission. Only your main assault rifle is allowed for this mission. As such, please do clean your rifle and pull through a few times with highlighters and pencils before attempting this mission. If the rife jammed during the mission, it could be disastrous. The previous 2 simulation battles have proved to be successful. But be reminded that this is no simulation! Do not underestimate the terrorists.

2) Operation Electronics
Mission code: EE2005
Mission time: 281106 0900 hrs

You do not have much experience of real battles for this type of mission. The 10 trainings have been great thus far, despite the excessive sacrifice of the cells. Be prepared, however, for ambush and surprise attacks, especially their leader Miller, always trying too hard to dominate but his effects are not always valid. You are allowed to bring in any type of weapons for the mission. Do bring a sniper rifle; it could be of great help. Sometimes it’s down to either you get it or you dun. But if you do get a clear shot, do not hesitate, aim for the head and bring it down.

3) Operation Nation building in Singapore
Mission code: SSA2204
Mission time: 291106 1300 hrs
Special: Escape mission

This is a special mission. There is no target to speak of; the only objective is to escape from the scene. No weapons are needed for this mission. Smoke grenades and flash bangs will be of great help in your escape. Be caution that you shall not be caught and be retained by the terrorist. Else, you shall bear all consequences and might have to redo the mission after being retain.

4) Operation Engineering electromagnetic
Mission code: EE2011
Mission time: 011206 0900 hrs

Terrorists have employed the help of a secret agent smith who is rumored to possess the ability of creating delusions to our warriors with weird circles and lines by means of a certain chart. But fear not, we have equipped ourselves with rulers and compasses to conquer this obstacle. Yet, more challengers lie ahead with complex numbers, integration and a whole bunch of electrostatics and magnetostatics lossless and lossy emission, reflecting and tranmitting all over the place. Your previous training of MA1506 and PC1432 will be of great help in this mission. If all else fails, spray your carbine and hope to hit some targets.

5) Operation Statistic and probability
Mission code: ST2334
Mission time: 041206 1700 hrs

Only a pistol with 2 clips is to be brought into the mission. I suggest getting a desert eagle for its superior firepower. Knowledge from F maths has been useful in your preparation for the 2 mini exercises and this final mission as well. Mission mates for this are rather friendly and less competitive. Just dun anyhow make careless or stupid mistake and this mission will be a breeze. Try to get a few head shots if possible.

6) Operation Understanding uncertainty and statistical thinking
Mission code: GEM2900
Mission time: 051206 1300 hrs

4 pistols with 2 clips each are allowed for this mission. Although the terrorists are rather weak in this mission, the rest of your mission mates are crazily skilled. So better get some shots before they end it all for you. 4 pistols really a bit too much, I thought last sem is only 2 pistols?


Agent Naka said...

6 missions eh.

Remember to have at least 7 hrs of sleep before each mission and be at the area of ops at the correct time. Go at the wrong time, and you are screwed, even with the best rifles and trainings you have had.

Oh, weather anomoly is expected, so remember to bring your poncho and other protective gear.

Anonymous said...

chill dude. I seriously think that the yeow virus has evolved into curry virus liao.

don said...

funny shit....had a gd time laughing

agent craps said...

wah lao you still got time to type this out...

cheahchuwen said...

who on here attend B? go and find sgt tan. he is the marshaller OIC.