Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Itinerant by Jared Bok

Jared Bok is a platoon mate of mine who wrote this book starting from his army days and only published it recently. The book is called "The Itinerant" as shown in the picture to the left, and is based on the genre of mystery and sci-fi. According to him, he wrote the book because he wanted a sci-fi book without the usual story templates of those commercially selling fiction.

I have finished the book and it was an interesting and exciting read. Actually, I intended to leave the reading till sch starts so as to fill in the void in those inevitable long hrs of bus ride to nus. Yet, it was really a difficult task for me to put down the book once the story began to unfold! I just can't seem to stop reading when there's so much mystery and suspense surrounding the main character, Byrne.

A synopsis of the book provided by the author himself:

"Byrne has been wandering the globe since the day he can remember. Driven by an inexplicable restlessness that prevents him from settling down in one place for any significant period of time, he wanders aimlessly from town to town without knowing why. It seems like this is going to be the norm for the rest of his life until one day things take a turn for the surreal.

His most recent landlord winds up dead, subject to a mysterious ailment known as the Dry Death.

He meets an enigmatic man who offers him a job – a job that seems too good to be true.

His body starts exhibiting some rather unusual changes.

He comes across a strange and elusive lady who seems to be avoiding not just him but his employers as well.

As the strangeness starts escalating day by day, Byrne will discover that there are more links to all these events than he initially thought, and in his quest for the truth, he will find not only his fair share of secrets and hidden agendas but the very reason for his itinerancy…"

So, how do you get the book?

The book is published by a self-publishing company and the direct link for the book is right here.

Preview the first chapter of the book for free here and if you like it, do not hesitate! Grab the PDF version which costs US$0.69 and that translates to only about S$1. If you prefer the hardcopy, the print version costs US$10.67, which translates to about S$17. However, do note that transport costs of about S$10 needs to be added to the print version for delivery to Singapore.

Once again: The Itinerant by Jared Bok

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