Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Of sacrifice of the cells

Next time when you play with an electronic gadget, be sure to offer your solemn respect to the billions and billions of brain cells that sacrifice each day in electrical engineering undergrads in an effort to perform the circuit analysis for their electronics class.

Things are getting more complicated as more than one transistor were brought into the picture and what seems to be the easiest module before the break, now ensues much uncertainties in the minds of many. Lecturer said perhaps we are just not used to it, but with more practices and time, the analysis of multistage transistors will be like differentiation to us. I certainly hope so. Yet, there isn’t much time left. Tick tock.


mw said...

that looks like a part of an inside of an op-amp. am i right? if so, den it's also just part of a part of a circuit. ok, i'm confusing myself here....

The Negative Man said...

Before the term break, the e5 homework was absurdly easy.

Now, its just absurd.

DaMnIt said...

correct me if i am wrong but is the 2 mosfet both CE-CE?

Nakazawa said...


Wrong. CE is common emitter which is a BJT configuration (ie not mosfet)

Anyway, I think it is CS-CG.

Currytan said...

Yea, you can say so, its part of a part of the op-amp. I think.

Negative man:

Yea its CS-CG. BUt this is not the difficult one. Question 2 is more complicated..

cheahchuwen said...

die la, I thought Grp B's mods more relax leh. Damn. I hong gan liao.

chillycraps said...

should i feel glad i'm not in EE?