Monday, October 23, 2006

Of Book-Brain Judgmental Transfer (BJT)

The best way to absorb knowledge is to put your book below your pillow when you go to bed. The book is very heavily doped with electrons knowledge compared to that in your brain. Thus, the knowledge in your brain is referred to as the minority carriers. Due to this diffusion gradient of the knowledge concentration, there will be a minority carrier injection from the book into the brain. However, precaution must be made to ensure that extraction of the minority carrier from the brain will not occur. So there must be a forward biasing and not a reverse biasing for this reason. Hence, one must be highly motivated when trying this out; else the experiment will fail with detrimental results.

Furthermore, we want as much knowledge as possible to reach the
collector brain from the emitter book without recombining with the majority carrier (air) in the base pillow. For this reason, the width of your pillow needs to be small enough. So go get a thinner pillow before doing this for maximum performance.

Hope you will still appreciate the BJT (Book-Brain Judgmental Transfer), although its now not highly regarded in the market anymore due of the advent of the MOS-FET (Method Of Studying via Fundamental Education Transfer).

Crap, this is all Jhalley's fault, he started it! See.. this is what engin students crapped about during their breaks..

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Naka said...

You seem horribly scarred by your EE2004 experiences. Go give yourself the forward and reverse biases. Don't forget the brain electric field distribution

Beng Keong said...

The best is to do away with the pillow totally. Knowledge transfer shoots to infinity!

Don_Jerome said...

OMG! u guys need help.

BTW Emitter in degeneration provides better beta? cool... i din noe tt.

DaMnIt said...

Eat the bloody MOSFET and BJT and u shall have thy power