Saturday, May 26, 2007

The results and specialization stuff

I was right when i said the worse module this sem is actually a GEM. Its quite bad, a B-, and i was wondering if its dumb to appeal for a module with mcq exams, cos the answers scripts are marked by machines mah. Then again, i kinda deserve the grade for not putting enough effort for this.

EE2009 and EE2012 came to me as a pleasant surprise.

C C Ko was serious when he say this in the last lecture: "Dun worry lar, if you can get 70 marks for the final and get at least 6/10 for ur e-test and go for all the labs, you get A+ already wat." And no i didn't get A+, but from the way i thought i am screwed, my grade is rather surprising - actually its pretty darn good.

As for EE2012, i honestly didn't know what i was doing half the time in the exams. The results showed either otherwise or that most of the ppl were just as blur as i was..

EE2010 is a disappointment, I think that arh they mixed up this one with my EE2009. Then again, as mentioned before, the module is rather competitive anyway. Actually it wasn't that bad lar, just that cos i expect too much from this one i guess..

I got what i hoped and expected for EE2006.


I realised i am screwing myself up with wrong choices of non-cores modules these 2 years. My worse modules were all from non-cores: SC1101E (B-), EC1301 (C+) and GEK1527 (B-). 2 of those were a wrong choice right from the beginning as i was at a disadvantage with those with A level background in those field. But I did learn something useful out those modules and i thought that is what matters most. If only if i had better make use of my s/u points, then i wouldn't be feeling the pinch of what it would be like if those weren't graded.

This led me to think of actually doing EE modules for my UEM. I know it sounds crazy, but I have given it some thoughts. A while back, i was deciding between EE3406 (Microelectronics Materials) and EE3408 (Integrated Analog Design) cos the specialization rules is such that i can only choose one of these to fulfill my technical electives as they are under the same concentration. I will have to do EE3406 to qualify for the wafer fabrication sponsorship while EE3408 is my interest. So i believe the best solution is to take the latter as UEM.

And also, I might not be specializing in IC design but rather IC fabrication as i figured i would most probably not be able to get the most important module in that specialization, a 8MCs module on IC and system design, as it has a quota of 15 (i think) and its going to be merit based and resevered for folks with IC design sponsorship. I did applied for the IC design sponsorship but they didn't want me. So the next option for me is to go for IC fabrication and do a bit (2 actually) of design modules and see how it goes.

So, the modules i will be taking for the next 2 yrs will be as follows. Oh in case non-ECE ppl thinks why I so crazy go plan it out, our department requires us to plan out our technical electives modules for the next 4 sems and submit it through the module planner:

Yr 3 Sem1

EE3001 Technology assessment
EG2401 Engineering professionalism
EE2007 Microprocessor Systems
EE3406 Microelectronic Materials
EE3407 Analog Electronics

Yr 3 Sem2

EE2001 Analog & digital system design
IE2130 Quality Engineering
EE3304 Digital Control System
EE3408 Integrated Analog Design

Yr 4 Sem1

EE4001 B.Eng Dissertation
HR2002 Understanding human relations
EE4411 Silicon Processing Technology
EE4412 Technology & Modelling of Silicon Transistors

Yr 4 Sem2

EE4001 B.Eng Dissertation
EE4408 Silicon Device Reliability
EE4415 Integrated Digital Design


chillycraps said...

hey curry congrats for not getting screwed by the result!

Anonymous said...

cheers! year2 is over!

Currytan said...

Yea yea and yr3 will be better huh? Or at least thats what they say. Lets see how true is that. Haha.

Anonymous said...

B- A A B+ A+?

Beng Keong said...

hmm... why is there aways a anonymous who try to predict your result?

Currytan said...

Yalor last sem also like that. I have a feeling this anonymous knows me rather well, his prediction quite accurate one, could it be yeow or jere? lol

Anonymous said...

I only say anonymous when I talk abt zg.


Anonymous said...

dunwan later kena prick by someone...

Naka said...

Hey, sorry for lurking around and commenting on such an ancient post...

That HR module is HR2002, not 2001

Currytan said...

Ohh ok, changed liaoz. Thks.