Sunday, May 06, 2007

Exam's over!!

Oh yeah, exams are finally over and have been going out/playing games for the past 2 days, so no updates. For now, i am just going to do my usual AAR for the last 3 papers for the exams..

EE2006: Funny how I am quite devoid of any feelings after this paper. Dun feel any happiness nor any worries nor fear, nothing. I wonder why. The paper was quite a test of speed and i just had enough time to finish the paper, phew. It was probably due to the VHDL questions which requires writing ALOT of codes, i was so tempted to write
"Please COPY and PASTE these for the next 15 lines lar!!" for 16 lines of similar codes.

EE2012: Contrary to the popular beliefs that the lecturer will once again reuse past year questions, this time he changed it somewhat, well.. both a good and bad thing at the same time, good in the sense that the time i spent learning the concepts are not wasted and bad in that i was quite stunned by some of the questions.

GEK1527: 100 MCQs. Do until headache, lots of guesses. Quite screwed i guess. Oh man, I cant believe the hardest module this sem is actually a gem.. =(


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