Friday, April 27, 2007

2 Down 3 more to go!

Now that the next paper is 3 days later, I can finally slack a bit (maybe 2 bits) and have a brief AAR on the last 2 papers.

EE2010. Well, as mentioned, the concepts for this module is pretty simple, so other than the 7 marks dead time question which I have absolutely no idea how to approach, the rest I believe are correct, conceptually. However, I am very prone to stupid careless mistakes, so…

“Flip. 1st question Fourier series, skip!! 2nd what what what? Why got bits one, thought this is signals? Panic. Turn back to the 1st. Damn! I really dun wana start learning Fourier series now leh… Turn to 2nd question again. Hmmm, nvm let’s go see 3rd question first. Convolution! Phew…”

The paper had 2 sections, 3 choose 2 from each section. The thing about such format is that whenever you can’t do the first question, you will feel very pressurized cos you will have to be able to do the other 2. And when you realized you can’t do the 2nd one as well, you know you are screwed. Then panic. When you panic, all is lost, unless you can get back your composure after the panic attack.

Fortunately, I managed to calm myself down and finished up question 3 then skip to section B first. I was more confident of digital signals (section B’s), and chose my questions comfortably. But, the irony is that, at the end of the day, I think that my section A (managed to solve question 2 and realized it’s not as hard as I thought, just because I din READ carefully the first time round) will be better. Why? Cos I screwed up the one question that I was supposedly most confident in – sampling theory.

Now, let’s see the trend. EE2004: never panic, good result. EE2005: never panic, good result. EE2011: panic, screwed result. Ok, I am screwed for EE2009.


Beng Keong said...

Wah... I screwed up my 2010 quite bad :( Anyway, about dead time, remember that dead time is a time delay, can you find the settling time for a 1st order system with no dead time? If so, settling time for the composite system is 1st order settling time + time delay :)

Anonymous said...

wa. how come our batch nv learn dead time one.

Nakazawa said...

CW: Aiya, never learn then one less thing to memorize lor. Good wat.

JH: Eh, dun panic for 2012 hor, oso is 3 choose 2 kind one.