Sunday, October 22, 2006

Of Jack Kilby and the chip

They say Jack Kilby's work spawned the microelectronics revolution that has changed forever the way we live, work, and communicate. Well, they forgot to add the part where it changed forever the way students pull their hair over multi-stage amplifiers circuits! Ok ok, seriously, this man is the reason for today's modern digital world. If not for him, you probably wouldn't be reading this shit on that machine of yours.

The invention of the chip was motivated by the problems of the exponentially increasing number of components required to design improved circuits on a limited physical space during that time. So in order to solve this problem, instead of designing smaller components, Kilby as well as Robert Norton Noyce, fabricated the entire circuit network into a single crystal of a semiconductor and that’s the chip as we know of today.

Ohh i got all these while searching for info for my E3 lab report... Damnit, still cant find what i am supposed to find..

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