Sunday, October 22, 2006

Of my nose

My nose likes running. He likes to run in the morning. But he sure loves running in NUS LT6 and 7A the most. He seems to be very excited over the lectures so much so that he ran around throughout the whole freaking EE2004 lecture last wed. 2 hours of running, you not tired meh? You run nevermind, dun anyhow ask other noses to run with you lar, later kena beaten then you know hor. So stop running, at least till after the exams. Then you can run all you want, ok?


your lovely running nose said...

No. I like to run leh. Running is healthy. =) I influence other noses to run too because their noses need exercises. Some of those noses got too much hair.. I mean too much fat. =)

Don_Jerome said...

IPPT coming... bo nose also keep running these days.