Saturday, July 08, 2006

Of Mega platoon gathering

Around 1 week back, we had a Mini Platoon gathering. Yesterday we had a massive one, involving almost the full strength of the platoon, less a few. This one, however, was a rather rushed one without ample planning and coordination. As a result, I realised a few people that we left out only on the day itself, including Pandy (who came, phew), Weiheng (had sports camp), Cheng Guan (err oops?!) .

It was ktv after lunch at KBox in Paradiz centre. Again, people still need to warm up first and for at least the 1st hour, me and Jevon have been hogging the mike again. Then people start coming in, Yi Cai with his amazing FIR songs, Pandy with his Hey Jude and Stephanie Sun's songs, Chang Tai with his Dong Li Huo Che, Jian Cheng with erm his wierd china songs.. Gelhead came along halfway, but surprisingly he was so shy and did not really sing a single song.. Now, what really surprises most of us was really how well Jevon sang. He is certainly the best singer i have heard so far among our platoon and so deserved the K-king award for his mesmerising voice unlike some other people who produced unbearable disappointing sound and yet hogged on to the bloody mike (pointing to myself).

Next up, we went to the Mind's Cafe prinsep branch (opp Paradiz centre), which is a board game shop similar to the settlers cafe, as recommended by Jian Cheng. We played pit which is a lame game similar to heart attack, sequence which is a variation of the game connect 4 and the taboo.

Had a long dinner (from 8pm till 10+ i think) in swensen's at Plaza Singapura. We ate. We talked. We joked. we laughed. Just like back in our army days, having fun in each others company. And we waited for the Ninja to hand over his iPhO duty (which he chao kenged again as usual) and joined us for dessert which most of us shared a giant earthquake while Gelhead and Jevon munched on their crunchie cones, Ninja on his all-fruits flavor topless five. Then, gelhead popped up an interesting question: "Can you imagine 10 years down the road and we have a gathering like this, we will be going like 'ohh i better watch my cholesterol level.' or 'I'd be meeting my wife later.'?" Indeed, by then, we would be 31's or 32's, no longer like the bouncy and adventurous us now and possibly being tied down by other committments like career and family. And given the rather diverse interests within the platoon, will we still be as close as we used to be?

The night was spent in Ninja's house and by then there's only Pandy, Si Qi and myself left because the rest backed out. Actually, the night activities was supposed to be clubbing, but since most people were not really interested or have some other reasons, it was cancelled. Thus we went into the stand-by-the-side-and-decide-what's-next mode after the dinner. And eventually we settled for Ninja's house but it seems that the rest weren't really interested, must be scared of his unidentified-white-stuffs all over his floor due to his *ahem* which as a matter of factly, there was indeed..

We watched a disgusting movie (Wolf Creek) of an awfully sadisitic fucker torturing the hell out of a trio, whose car broke down on the way to wolf creek, and eventually inflicted upon them a crual inhumane death. It was darn sickening and makes me wonder why the hell someone will rent such a movie... sheesh. Perhaps he wana learn the art of torturing and do something to some people for a certain Nazi concentration camp he experienced not long ago? Dang, better stay away from me..

Alrighty, i think thats about it.


Naka said...

Is there really UWS (unidentified white stuff) all over? Weird as Ninja can be I don't think he would leave evidence around right?

NinjaLZG said...

oh... sheesh... didnt u all know Jevon can sing really well? =) and i do mean seriously! BTW, I did my fair share of work mister!!!! what crap! I helped out in every aspect dutifully, etc. and im been eating lots lately. =p Good food lar... and i must say, it's really enjoying!!! =)