Sunday, July 09, 2006

Germany clinched 3rd

3 - 1. It was somewhat an expected results for me, although i couldn't be bothered with this match actually. Didn't watch this match, so no commentary for this one.

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Congrats to Germany for winning the 3rd place in the Fifa world cup 2006! Now lets recap on their world cup journey.

Group match:

Germany vs Coasta Rica
Win 4 - 2
One of the best opening games!

Germany vs Poland
Win 1 - 0
Germany won this late with substitute Neuville scoring in injury time to break Polish hearts.

Germany vs Ecuador
Win 3 - 0
Germany dominated.

Round of 16:

Germany vs Sweden
Win 2 - 0
Germany scored twice in the 1st 20 mins and Sweden played horribly.


Germany vs Argentina
Win 4 - 2 on penalty after drawing 1 - 1 after extra period.
A pretty good fight. Lehmann is the hero.


Germany vs Italy
Lose 0 - 2
The sensational 2 mins of the Italians shattered all hopes for the germans.

3rd Placing:

Germany vs Portugal
Win 3 - 1 and clinched 3rd.

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