Thursday, July 06, 2006

France got lucky, so did I

My prediction was correct once again for the second semifinal match. However, this time its more of a fluke on my part. And certainly, France did bring into play that stroke of luck they had this morning with the portuguese.

Just how long can France survive on those "inevitable moment of madness" of Fabien Barthez, the keeper of the French team. For goodness sake, catch the ball, punch it out of the box or even flick it out for a corner. Not hit it high up into the air, waiting for it to land on a lethal head of a member of the opposing team. And you could only count yourself lucky Figo's strike did not find itself into the net. Then, who the hell would risk that clumsy short pass in the dying moments of the match when the enemies were all desperately finding the equaliser? They were lucky it was an offside.

And of course, the foul that won the penalty for France was somewhat controversial. Was it a dive? Or not? Henry could have avoided the trailing leg. Or could he? It was happening all so fast that even if its a fake, it was a clever one. Whatever the case is, the referee was convinced that it was a real foul and awarded the penalty kick which was scored by Zidane. And that was the only goal of the match, the one goal that opened the path to the finals for the French.

Furthermore, Cristiano Ronlado should really stop his diving crap. It was so balantly obvious. Perhaps he should learn a few tricks from Henry ya?

But then again, Barthez did make a few vital saves and together with a commendable defense force, Portugal did not really come close to scoring, less the above mentioned blunder by the keeper. But whether this defense will be capable of breaking up the Italians' attack in the sunday's finals is something I cannot be certain of. But surely, it shall be a great final.

The goal

Zinedine Zidane

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