Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Of sore throat

Down with sore throat due to the excessive 4 hrs almost-non-stop singing in ktv plus my irresistible temptation for tidbits and the overly concentrated lime in my last gulp of vodka..

Although 8 person went for the ktv session in party world orchard yesterday, me and Jing Xi was in possession of the mike most of the time.. due to the shy nature of a certain Mr Nai aka Kodakku, Ah Guan, the wussy Ninja who can sing well but somehow has a phobia of singing into the mike, Si Qi and Karken (last 2 claim that they dun know how to sing but was the most talented among us all). And before you get away with the idea that currytan sings very well, let me correct that. I sux in it. Its just that I had to keep the session running by volunteering to sing while the above mentioned shy away from the mike (at least for the 1st part when ppl are still warming up).

The tidbits part is self-explanatory. Not sure why no one grabbed those tibits (unlike my other group of friends), so i was happily munching away most of the time unknowingly.

The vodka lime part was crap lar. I did not stir my drink well and the last gulp of it was very concentrated lime which burned my throat as if I had taken in a whiff of burning air.

In all, the ktv session was really fun (all thanks to my 4 hrs free voucher, heh) and i was hoping for another one when our "foreign scholars" come back. In the meantime, perhaps we can go to east coast park or something.


tstar said...

*Thrust a bottle of newater into your hands*
Drink water.

ZenEkz said...

Shld hav joined u all since all so shy... Waste the chance to hog the mike... Too bad... Sad

Anonymous said...

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