Monday, July 10, 2006

The world cup final

120 mins packed with drama. A headbutt. A red card. And hell lots of action from the 2 great teams.

Yes granted, he's just human and frustration must have gotta the better of him from all the pushing and grabbing from the Italian defender. However, such a preposterous and laughable action, which would have left a deep ugly stain in his legacy, was totally uncalled for. Not only was that a foolish way to end his career, it was downright irresponsible to the rest of his team mates and fans who looked to him as a source of motivation. Zidane's headbutt at the 109th minute in the 2nd half of extra time saw a red and Zizou's teary exit to the dressing room. It was saddening sight to bear for me and the rest of the French supporters.

Zidane did well in the rest of the match, pushing the ball deep into the opponents' half. His beautiful penalty shot in the 6th minute won France the lead which they held on till the 19th minute when Materazzi punched in a spectacular header from the corner. The rest of the match saw both sides trying their best to struggle past the opponents defense to break the deadlock. Toni's header found the crossbar instead from yet another corner, leaving the french breaking into a cold sweat. Henry's low cross not finding his targets from his many deep runs down the flanks. Toni's header in the 62nd minute was ruled offside. Zidane's superb header almost going in, but landed on Buffon's safe hands instead. It was a breath-taking match after the 2 goals, with France dominating mainly in the attack and Italy, with their effective defensive play, breaking down any incoming threats from the french.

It was a great battle for both side with neither willing to give in. Yet, the competition required a winner and after 120 mins of struggle, it was down to the penalty shootout. And with Zidane's (the best penalty kicker and captain of France) exit, the morale of the french team was greatly affected. So with Trezeguet's unlucky miss on that chip and the Italians keeping their composure to deliver a perfect penalty shoot out, Italy claimed their 4th world cup championship.

Italy, the champion of the world cup 2006!

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