Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Sensational 2 Minutes

Reference my previous entry about my prediction for the first semifinal between Italy and Germany. Heh. I was right!!

For 118 minutes, the host nation was still hopeful for that place in the finals. Then it came, the moment that broke the deadlock between the two teams, the moment that shattered all hopes for the german team. What a pass. What a spendid shot. And what a spectacular curl into the net that was. There was no way Lehmann could catch that. Sensational. Fabio Grosso was the man who delivered that stunning first goal for the Italians.

Although it was very late into the extra period by then, the germans continued to push forward in hope of finding that equaliser. Yet the Italians' second unexpected goal came and ended it all for germans. It was a quick counter attack, with a brilliant "no look" pass from Gilardino to Del Piero, who then released the winning goal into the back of the german net.

2 mins. The 2 minutes that separated the 2 great teams with 2 superb goals, one heading for the finals in search of their 4th world cup win and the other devastated, with the hope of a 3rd place as a consolation.

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