Saturday, August 02, 2008

Omg i am finally blogging....

Sheeesh... sorry for that absurd long period of absence. Oh my gosh, I didn’t blog for the whole of June and July? Has it really been that long? Time must have slip by so fast that I have lost track of it. You see, life as an intern has been really hectic and an assortment of after work activities further deny me of any possible opportunity to sit down and blog. There’s just so much to do, and even at times when I wanted to blog, there will be some dudes disturbing my rare moments of peace with repeated smses to play a game or 2 of DotA. No, actually I do welcome those games and enjoyed them at times, so much so that I played like almost every night for weeks. Yet, there are times where it got really tiresome and meaningless; what a boring game it has became. It’s ironic actually; I actually claimed that I will never get bored of this game because of the amazing replayability capacity with so many heroes to explore and so much different scenarios each time you play it.

Sorry I’ve digress. Ya, my internship is finally over. And as cliché as it may sound, it has been a really fulfilling 12 weeks of internship with DSI. The knowledge and experience gained will certainly be useful for me in the future, regardless of whether I continue in the embedded system industry. Even as an IC designer, there is knowledge gained with some digital design techniques I learnt from my fellow intern which could be really valuable. Quite genius that guy, created his own number theory that even the supervisor confused. Oh ya and did I mentioned that one of the intern in my group actually reads my blog and he was like introducing this blog to me, saying it provides really good information of modules for EE juniors like himself. Haha.

Ok I shall try to blog more from now, seeing that several people scolding me for being so lazy. What’s there to read here anyway? Such a boring blog.


=) said...

your blog's an easy read. keep it up! :)

Currytan said...

Thks. =))