Saturday, August 02, 2008

How to make full use of your excess CORS bidding points

Note: This is intended for year 4 folks with lots of program or general points and dunno what to do with them.

General points.

This section is only for those with no more general modules to bid for and those points are just sitting down there collecting dust, damn there isn’t even any interest to accumulate.

Choose a target module of your choice, preferably those popular ones for best results. Dump in ALL your general points. See them scream in desperation when the highest bid shot up to 2k+.

Or just go bid for A FEW popular general modules; you will be potentially screwing up all their biddings when number of bidders exceeds the quota.

Drop the module just at the last moment just before the closed bidding ends.

Or heck, leave it as it is and get the module while denying one dude of his place and drop it later before the “W” period. Oh too bad you sore loser, who asked you to put only 1 point and never monitor the market ever since then.

Program points

Program points? For haven’s sake, just dump in everything to get your core and stop being such a calculative idiot. This is your last year, what were you expecting, NUS converting those excess points into cash for you at commencement?

Or if you really wana be an ass, go find a really hot module, with limited number of seats available, go dump in all your points. 5K+. They will crumble and cry for mother.


I am really just kidding. Dun ever do that, you sick bastard.


NUS Computing Student said...

one person dumping all points doesn't mean that everyone bidding is doing so. it only affects the highest bid point tally. :)

Currytan said...

Haha ya, you are right. I am just crapping only lar.

chillycraps said...

*take down notes*

Currytan said...

enjoy ^^