Saturday, May 31, 2008

Of results and FYP selection

Its amazing how my results turns out exactly the same i predicted. So yup, it was as bad as i have expected, resulting in a slight drop in the cap. Well, its about time i guess, it has been rising steadily for the last few sems.. In summary, EE2001 saved me. Being the only A however, it had quite a difficult time trying to neutralize the negative effects of the rest of the modules, where the next best grade is B+. S/u option shall also be employed to help clear up the mess created by a B, although s/u-ing a B doesn't feel quite right, but well there's no other modules i can s/u and it does help me abit, so why not?

Next, the dateline for FYP selection will close next friday (6th June). Looking through the 700+ project proposals can be a pain in the ass and the search algorithm also just cannot make it. Spent some time last week during work to scan through the list and found that alot of them damn scary one, of course there are interesting ones like implementing a PS3 game/wii, some are just weird like laser for a king?? and also cute engineering, part of a series of research into the use of cuteness in engineering new interactive systems.

Here's the top 3 hottest projects as of now:

First 2 damn scary, so many people choose. Bet they never look at this stats, especially those choosing as 2nd and 3rd, sure no chance and wasting their choice slot one leh.

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