Saturday, August 02, 2008

Of cable skiing

Had my first try on cable skiing at SKI360 at east coast lagoon yesterday with Jevon and Zg. It was really really fun.

Before the skiing I was observing the ang mors doing it (sheesh there are really lots of them), they make it looks so simple lar. But, it’s not that easy for us.…

We took the 1 hour package, with student rates, so it's 27 bucks. I spent the first half hour swimming back to the shore more than I ski, always fell off at the first turn, trying to learn how to maneuver the board to go in the direction I want but ended up losing balance. Haha. The second half was where I finally got the technique and skied more than I swim! And yes, at least able to ski one round around the lagoon, unlike Jevon (oops). Poor little fellow, cannot keep balance on the board. Oh wait, it should be poor chubby one, too much fats at undesired position, causing imbalance in cg. You should have bend over more than anyone else. Ah, zg that ass, skiied before, so it was smooth-sailing for him.

You guys should try it if you haven't and I am probably going back for more! =)


NinjaLZG said...

My muscles are aching all over! And it sure feels good that we had a good work out as we had fun! What abt yours?

Will scan and send ya the hard copy of the photo after I develop the film. Dang! We forgot to snap photos while we took off from the platform!

Let's try wakeboard the next time!

Currytan said...

Ya aching like hell. Shld've done some warm up.

Jevon said...

blardy jh, thanks for the complimentary write-up leh!!!

Currytan said...

Haaaa, Jevon, u are very welcome.. =p