Monday, May 05, 2008

Of EE3208 completed!!

I finally submitted my project for EE3208...took the whole reading week plus last week to rush it out.

Here's some photos of the final product:

Ah i know success is missing a 'c', but i only limited to 6 characters mah...heh

I always thought software was hard. But i was so wrong as this project has proven to be that software is the easier part as compared to hardware. Why? Cos hardware is sometimes so hard to debug, there can be so many possibilities and uncertainties.

Ah, whatever, i still have 2 more papers to go.. and most people have already finished their exams liaoz. Sian..back to mugging.


chillycraps said...

ganbatte yo!!

A.C. said...

still got project during exam period? O-M-G~
I am sorry to say this, but as far as I see, eng is really kind of "crappy department"~
Anyway, "add oil" ya! :)