Friday, April 25, 2008

Exams again...

Exams coming up again:

29/04/08 5pm @ MPSH1B: EG2401 Engineering Professionalism (Seat 557)
08/05/08 5pm @ MPSH1A: EE3304 Digital Control System (Seat 74)
10/05/08 9am @ ENG AUD: EE3407 Analog Electronics (Seat 28)

Time to start preparing for exams liao.

Spent the whole reading week doing EE3208's talking cash register. In the end, only the cash register part is done, the talking part is still having lots of problems. Seems like i am so going to get a shitty grade for this. Lucky still have s/u. Damn, wasted so much effort and time. in the end still have to s/u, so not worth it. Pissed with myself. =((


blueodyssey said...

3 papers only?

Well anyway good luck for ur exams.

We will meet after ur exam ya.

Currytan said...

oh yes 3 papers only, sounds slack? Its not! This is my most siong exams period ever..