Monday, May 19, 2008

Of vacation internship and vacation so far

Now let's see, i finished my last paper on the 10th and my internship at DSI (Data storage institution) began on the 12th, barely have time to relax lar. My task is mainly programming, very much like the programming of the PIC in EE2001, but much more complex as the chip i am working with has much more capabilities. Also, the idea is also similar to that of EE3208, programming the microprocessor to control several other ic chips which in turn perform other tasks. In short, its EE2001 and EE3208 all over again...

However, working there was far from stressful or difficult, in fact i kinda enjoyed it. Maybe because of my experience in EE2001 and EE3208 (or maybe it's only the 1st wk?), i found the first task my supervisor gave me quite easy to grasp and got rather familiar with the software i am using to program the chip. It's a darn powerful software, can code, can compile, can convert to hex format, can debug, even can simulate the ports output, variables value, the serial port input/output (omgosh love this one, save me so much trouble when working with the GUI), timing waveforms and even the performance of the program.

Alright, not supposed to reveal too much. Of course, dun expect any photos either.

Other than work, I pretty much slack at home watching tv and playing CABAL online which BK recommends.

It's slightly different from the typical MMOs i have played, in that this one doesn't focus so much on grinding your character and you can have the flexibility to build your character. Also, there's the combo system which is quite refreshing and fun. Actually havent really explore much about the game, still dunno alot of the game system.

Go try it!

Weekend had high tea with LT and Matt, at Fort canning The Legend's strawberry fantasy high tea buffet. Basically its cakes and tea. Not bad though, eat until damn shiok.

Thats all folks, maybe next week then update again.


=) said...

the food looks good! & glory, glory man utd! haha.

Currytan said...

The food is great, maybe next time bring u go eat.

Eh oh my and you are a man u fan now huh?

BK said...

good job... do another dedicated full page review on cabal sometime soon :D