Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The day my keypad and 7 segment LED started working!!

Finally finally!! After 2 days of debugging and stressing my ass off, my keypad and 7 segment finally work! Ahh this is for yet another project module, EE3208. Deadline for this project is 7th may wor...

Just moments ago, i finally found the error in my codes that made my 7 segment went berserk earlier in the lab. Here, my system display 543210 and then switch to 9876 after 1 second and 543210 again and so on. This is just a test program to test the 7 segment.

More photos, taken after i wire wrap. Yes wire wrap, bloody hell, you've gotta marvel at the wonderful invention of wire wrapping, making you connect wires for more than TEN TIMES longer than you otherwise would if using breadboard instead and poking wires into those lovely holes. Now, this damn stupid thing cause me like weeks to connect just a simple system...

Now, i better go try to make the sound part work, if not i am still quite screwed. There's a reason why the project is called "Talking cash register"..

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