Sunday, April 20, 2008

EE2001 - The Airport of the Future!

Finally, after 1 semester of hard work, pulling of hair wires, soldering accidents extension of wires, late nights and stressing over whether we have enough features, the 6 MCs project module came to an end after a rather good presentation last Friday.

Our team had lots of fun in this project. Its always great to see our concepts and design materialize into the real working product. And we also put in alot of effort in making the model looks professional, and it all pays off because in the end it really looks very good and impressive, and the sense of achievement is just beyond words can describe. We also put in alot of effort on the GUI and SMS, learning much more things than required, to present our project in the best way possible.

In all, it was a great project and no matter what kind of grades we get, we can proudly say we did our very best!

Now, let the photos do the talking.

EE2001, The Airport of the Future, presented by group 4-03:

The Graphical User Interface (GUI):

The GUI has an overview of our entire airport and can control certain features as well as performing real time updating of the status of the transit rooms allocation as well as the smart car park. One of our best features in this project.

The smart transit rooms allocation system:

This one got a rotating platform plus a travellator on top. It basically allocate traveler to the nearest available transit room. Spent a great deal of time to make this feature as perfect as possible.

The smart car park:

The car park provides guiding light for drivers to the nearest available slot. It also have a room booking system and the driver will be directed to the slot nearer to the transit rooms.

The smart queuing system and the SMS system:

Smart queuing system requires traveler to login into the system by first obtaining a one time password from the SMS system and then entering into the keypad in the waiting area. The system then prompt travelers to board plane row by row based on their seat numbers and whether that passenger to the particular seat has login.

The greeting robot and interactive directory:

Next comes the greeting robot which turns to face the travelers as they come out of the car park. On it is the interactive directory where travelers can check out what shops are there in the shopping area as well as the route to take to get there. Moreover, they can have the map sms to their handphone!

The Lounge power management system:

Solar panel for the lounge:

Smart energy control allows the fan to blow at speed corresponding to the number of people in the lounge. Also lighting depends on the amount of sunlight on the solar panel.

More photos of us at work:

Red bull kept us awake all night through! (Eh actually only I drank...together with coffee and had a terrible stomachache the next day..jeez )

Messy wiring below....

Planning stage for the model:

Taking measurements:

The designer at work:

More messy wirings during testing phase:

Once again, this is The Airport of the Future!

Of course, a great project should end with a celebration of sorts. Right after the presentation, we treated ourselves to a sumptuous meal at Sakura!

Okay no more photos after this, too busy



chillycraps said...

omg, EE looks so fun...!

Currytan said...

Ha! Fun? Ok lar for the last part during modeling and when looking back lar. Throughout the whole sem, we were stress like hell man. Heh.

Also, my next entry on EE3208 will probably makes u think ee damn scary...

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