Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Of quick updates and interviews

I finally have time to sit down and blog. For a while.

Yes, it has been a mad rush, the past 1 month or so, of completing assignments and projects, particularly EE2001 which took up lots of time and also EE3208, yet another project module which requires us to make a talking cash register and i am nowhere close to the point to make it talk yet.

There are also interviews for my IC design SMP (Specialist manpower program). So far, i have been to 2 of them and those 2 interviews were just so different.

The first one only asked of general questions with regards to my interests and why i applied for the program and stuff you would expect of an interview including some scenario questions where you have to make some somewhat tough decisions and stuff. Nothing technical, just pure, i would like to call it, chit chat session with the interviewer. It took an hour though.

The second was totally technical! The first thing i had to complete was a test, analyzing some circuits and stuff, basically testing the fundamentals. Well, they gave me 1 hr and i finished in half, so i thought, well.. not bad. But the real thing came when they started interviewing and throwing me more technical questions and also questions with regards to my project for EE3408 (Integrated Analog Design). I kinda forgot quite abit of the project and didn't answer well for some of the questions and the interviewers were kinda disappointed. And so, i also became pessimistic...

Now, the worst thing to happen during an interview is losing confidence. I am quite sure the interviewers can tell, which means i am probably not going to give a good impression. Nvm that, i will probably take this as an experience and learn from it ba.

On a side note, it's quite scary to have 3 interviewers staring at you while you try to think; every passing seconds seems like eternity...

Ok, i guess i better go do work liao, have eg presentation coming up. Also have to finish up the talking cash register and my EE2001 model.

Damn, its 2 weeks plus to the exams and i still cant mug even if i want to. =(( It was a big mistake to take 2 100% CA project module, dun ever ever do that. Be glad and thank god everyday that you do not have to go through the agony of having that uncertain feeling of whether you can pass that goddamn module. Btw, i mean 3208 not 2001.


=) said...

hello, jiayou for your projects and good luck for the coming exams! =)

Currytan said...

Thks!! Jeez.. u coming back only 2 months later? Must be having hell lots of fun touring Europe huh? Hee.. enjoy!