Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The start of 2008

Its year 2008 liao. So happy new year! And ohh happy birthday tim!

The first day of 2008 begun with the celebration of tim's birthday, at swensen's with lunch followed by the firehouse happy birthday icecream combo with vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavors. Of course there's the birthday candle which tim had quite a poor job blowing up which zg(@trying_to_be_straight.com) just cant stop commenting on the blow job poorly done which of course is quite understandable, as the expert of
blowing stuff must give his most professional advice. Which reminds me, zg's almost every other sentence must have some reference to gay and sexuality in it, but quite sadly for him, it almost always kena backfired by us (very much like jere's attempt to counter mitch's in trashing his liverpool hahaa). Sometimes, if he just shut up, he will not be shot until so jalat, but then again it was rather entertaining so we just let him be, digging his own grave deeper and deeper with every comment he made. Hilarious really.

That continued on as we made our way to.... science centre! Yesh, it must have been like eons ago, for most of you, since you last been to the science centre. We were actually heading to the snow city, very kind suggestion by lzg for a terrific freezing new year day. Oh yes it was terrific, especially the part where zg was aimed by the 3 of us in snow fights where he almost always ended up having snow in the back of his jacket and having to rush out of the snow chamber to clear up the mess.

Snow city is actually quite small, with the main activity being snowtubing, which is like sitting on the snow tube and slide down the slope, and hearing alien, i mean ai lian screaming all the way down (thought we were supposed to shout: "zg dun be gay!!?"). The slope basically took up most of the snow chamber and the rest are like play area for the kids, or for the young-at-heart like the 4 of us...

After the 1hr session, we wandered around the kinetics garden outside the science centre where we proved that zg is indeed heavier than the 3 of us. The first prove of course is during the snowtubing session where his side went down much faster and that the crew had quite a hard time trying to push his fat ass down the slope. Now, we prove it once again with the see-saw balance thingy as shown in the photo on the left. Zg's sullenness in the photo, obviously shows that he is unhappy for having been proven wrong that he's only 62 kg. Its more like 162 kg can?

So then, while pouting away, he decided to do what's he's best at once again, peeping at guys generally of his size but slightly smaller, through the peep hole.

Haiz, what to do, his favorite hobby, so we let him be.

Resolution for 2008

Tim: Hopes zg will become straight.
Ai lian: Hopes zg dun be gay
Me: Hopes zg take the advice of the above 2
Zg: Tries to be straight

Quote of the day: "You know, it would really be kinda hilarious, after all these years of joking and teasing zg about him being gay and all, if one day he were to come up to us and confess that he is indeed one."


=) said...

nice entry =)

Anonymous said...

happy new year!
this is one of your nus jnr who googled and came to yr blog coz u talked abt gem2900. So i was wondering who was yr lecturer and hoping it would be your same slack lecturer. The one for next sem is a german called berwin turlach?
thanks!! :) jade.

Currytan said...

@ =):
who are u? Ai lian? lol

@ anonymous:
My lecturer was Bruce Brown. But the content shld be around the same, i.e. simple statistics which requires little math knowledge. Hopes this helps and all the best!

NinjaLZG said...

Yesh, apparently, =) is an alien language so IT must be alien. MUHAHAHAHA! And eh, i'm the same weight as u okay!!!

=) said...

zg, are u sure abt being the same weight as jh? =)