Monday, December 31, 2007

The last of 2007

Basically the last of the year 2007 was spent with a few gatherings mainly from my jc friends. Watched so much movies of late that we almost wanted to settle on alvin and the chipmunks on new year's eve, but we decided against it and went window shopping instead... That was where we spotted this cream crackers sofa in furniture shop.

It would be so cool that have one of that in my room lar! Ha. Nvm anyways, earlier on lunch was at riverside Indonesia's restaurant. It was quite cheap for a 7-course meal (or was it 8, nvm forgot) for only like 15++ per person. Well, my jc friends like quite camera shy one, so i only took the picture of the food nia.

Well, good bye year 2007, it has been a great year and lets hope 2008 will be just as terrific for all of us! =)

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