Monday, January 14, 2008

Of yet another semester

(Before adding in tutorial and labs)

Modules for this semester is as follows:

EE2001 Analog and digital system design (Project Module, 100% CA)
EE3208 Embedded computer system design (100% CA)
EE3304 Digital Control system
EE3407 Analog Electronics
EG2401 Engineering professionalism

Yes yes all engin modules again and this time got 2 design project modules with 100% CA component. Most people think i am crazy taking EE2001 with EE3208.. oh well...what they dunno is that 3208 actually complements 2001 (i think/hope), with the design methodology of embedded system possibly helping with EE2001. But probably not the other way round as mentioned in 3208 lecture just now.

Speaking of which, i thought a small class (less than 50 students?) shouldn't be under the bell curve system? But in the EE3208 lect just now, he mentioned (to a class of 38 folks) that the module have a cap of 30% for the number of As even if all students do well. Damn, this is going to cause lots of market spoilers like EE2007's. Sian..

And EE3407 only has like 35 students... comments i heard so far is that concepts not too hard, but its not a scorable module. Oh well...too bad.. i die die have to take this leh...

EE3304. Boring math again.

Oh yeah, 4 days week! Ahh only for the first few weeks only i guess.. =((


Some examples of EE3208 projects:

Digital Queue Announcement System
A possible application of this system is in a medical clinic/hospital. The system will consist of a display such as a LED panel, The keypad should allow the doctor (for example) to enter the number of the next patient that he will see. The display should alternate between showing the number of the current patient in the examination room and the next patient that he will see. Interval between the two displays should be about 2 seconds. When the doctor is ready to see the next patient, he should press a button. A synthesized should then announce the number of the patient to enter the doctor's room.

Digital Talking Cash Register
In this project, a cash register that is capable of synthesizing in voice what is keyed into the system is to be designed. It will consist of a six 7-segment LED display, a voice synthesizer, and a keypad. The keypad will allow the casher to key in items into the system (item type, quantity and price). The LED display will show the item, quantity or price as they are keyed in. The voice synthesizer will at the same time speak the same, as the items are displayed.

Both have emphasis on voice synthesizing, which could be useful in our EE2001. And the systematic procedure of the integration of subsystems that will be covered will likely be a valuable knowledge to my team in EE2001.


chillycraps said...

enjoy the first few weeks while you can~!

Currytan said...

Haha....cry lar this sem is going to be the most siong sem sia...

Yea u enjoy ur first few weeks also! =)

=) said...

jiayou! =)

Currytan said...

Hee u too! And dun forget to take a photo of old trafford for me! (i wun tell mitch and jere one, haahaha)