Saturday, December 08, 2007

Of reservist

Just finished my last paper yesterday and it's like almost time for me to go for the Christmas chalet in jurong camp already. Argh..

Had a quick look at the training program, its going to be 10 days straight, no book outs on weekends. In fact, we are highly likely to be having some counterstrike actions in some forest on sunday with universal rounds or maybe the sensor thingy (gosh i hate this one)..

So there, will be away from 10th dec till 19th. Dun bother checking this space. Out.


54 F signaller~! said...

hello liner zero, this is 54 Foxtrot!! Lol

Currytan said...

Niner zero, read you strength 5 ah strength 5, paradise liao lar virus all down le, please pull your forces back, out.