Thursday, December 20, 2007

Back from reservist!

Now lets see: It was a 10 days thingy and it rained pretty much everyday. And i got like 4 days outfield. I think that pretty much sums it up the feeling of the whole ict. Bloody hell, you guys better pray hard your ict dun ever fall on a monsoon season. Its totally demoralizing, to be wet, cold, hungry and tired out there in the forest.

Well then, my role in this BME was a rebro, bridging comms and making sure all stations can get each other. The first mission the rebro wasn't working well, so we relay like siao, scouts especially, so much sitrep and spotrep...zzz. So never slept on the first night. 2nd mission the rebro was working pretty ok, so we manage to catch some sleep.

One pretty funny conversation i relayed was that of the pioneer pc and the co:

pioneer pc: minefield cleared, who should i report to?
co: alpha coy
pioneer pc: alpha is down ah, so who should i report to?
co: alpha platoon 3
pioneer pc: alpha 3 also down, now wat?
co: nvm, go take over alpha 3 and attack enemy from the back.
(Long pause... obviously stunned by the decision, cos pioneer normally dun fight)
pioneer pc: err we dun have ammo ah
co: nvm go melee go melee, i.e. use you bayonet.
(our side and the co signaller were laughing like hell)
pioneer pc: roger..........
co: try your best
(really really long pause)
pioneer pc: pioneer kena suppressed and captured.

- signal platoon's bunk is on the highest floor again...6th floor..

- condition of bunks and toilet is pretty good, and every bed have a personal powerpoint.

- vending machines are everywhere, so do bring more coins in for your reservist..ha

- signal platoon got the best platoon again...somehow... and we booked out pretty early, right after alpha coy.

- my navigation skill quite cmi, possibly due to the fact that i was made confused at the start of the exercise by a certain trainer who gave me the wrong starting location on the map. But still, i need some kind of navigation training and familiarize myself with lck area...but then again, next ict onwards will have jackson.

- i rode my bike for like almost everyday, either for orientation, topping up of petrol or for the exercise.

- i fell off my bike once, resulting in bandages around my hands, although it wasn't as bad as it looks.

- Oh ya, 3rd ict coming up june next year (low key one)... i am so going to finish my 10 yrs cycle by 30 yrs old... lol

- well thats all for now, later then add more if i remember, shag now.


Pandemonium said...

Glad you got through the ICT!

Who's your partner anyway? New guy or someone from our platoon?

Oh, and don't trust my navi skills. They're so bad, they might as well be nonexistent. I think before the next ICT we should spend some money and invest on a GPS device.

Currytan said...

Partner is new guy, a 3sg from 2 sig, nice guy, our age one, in fact my jc one..haha. He take rover, and i am supposed to lead the rover on my bike to the rebro site..

Navi damn jialat lar, dunno how u and dom find the rebro site during atec one lar. They were saying ict always go lck one, so we better familiarize ourselves with the area there.

koksheng said...

hi junhong! kok sheng from scout here. Found ur blog by accident while googling for 724 guards.

hope u are resting well from the 10 day of green. Haha. take care

Currytan said...

Hey koksheng! U take care too! Cya june next yr... ha..

Pandemonium said...

Erm... ATEC navi ah... it wasn't really that difficult, to be honest. Especially if you consider that rebro site must be on a relatively tall hill, and that we know the approximate route the bn is gonna take. And since prior to ATEC the bn trains in the same area most of the time...

But of course those are forgotten history now.

白髮魔男 said...

yah i recall that conversation between co and pioneer too. CO siao de lar~ haha! anyway thanks for relaying for us!

Currytan said...

Yea 54d, nice working with you guys too! =)