Thursday, December 27, 2007

The results

Well lets see, i am rather amused by my results, considering the fact that i am quite honestly thinking that i am screwed this semester. So it turns out i did pretty gd, although i would say that the general overall results wasn't really of that much interest to me than that one module which quite luckily i got a darn good grade which will at least allow me to even think of getting that 8mcs ic design module which i wana take in year 4.

It seems that pessimism sometimes do have its advantages. I was so certain that i am going to screw up big time for my dsp that i went to change the module from a technical elective into a UEM, so as to allow me to have the option of s/u-ing it. In the end, it turns out alright.

Our project module, we walked out of the presentation feeling screwed. No words can described how much we do not want to see a B-ish grade for a module we pump in so much effort and time on. But it turns out to be a B+, still B-ish but at least for me its decent enough.

Electronic gaming was a disaster. But still, i was expecting something much much worse. But at the end of the day, it doesn't matter cos this is going into the s/u dump for certain.

Microprocessor has been one of those very uncertain module i had. The paper itself brought about much uncertainty with all the uncertain answers i gave and those stupid mistakes i committed, and not forgetting to mention the uncertain project results which was never released, leaving us with no feedback as to how well we did whatsoever.

Integrated analog design. Well lets see, i enjoyed the module, learning the design methodology and the different topologies for circuit design. I spent darn lots of time on the project in order to get the most optimized results i possible could (optimization cost about 20% of the project grade). Although mine wasn't the best around, i do enjoy the learning process that led me to it, compromising certain specifications for another. The final paper went quite well and at the end of the day, i gave myself a pat on the back for a module well done.

This is actually my best sem...somehow..., after s/u-ing the gaming of course...

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