Sunday, November 11, 2007

A little update before the week of doom

Next week is going to be the most hellish week in the entire sem. Lets see:

Monday: EE3702 and EE3001 presentation rehearsal

EE3702 presentation, EE3001 rehearsal with supervisor

EE3408 project presentation and report submission

Friday: EE3101 project report submission

Next Monday: EE3001 presentation, EE3702 project report submission

Of course, theres nothing to worry about if all the preparation/reports are all done. Thing is, most of them are not finalized, in fact, some (read: EE3101) has pretty much been neglected..

For the 1st time, i am actually looking forward to the exam week; projects sometimes can be such a bitch.


Anyway, i got a little survey here for my Gaming module. Basically, the main target audience for the game we are proposing is for kids from 9 to 16 yrs old. But, just help me out here even if you are not in that age range ya? =)

Survey click here!


Gopal said...

Hi, I'm also doing this EE3408 project and am an part time student from NUS. Me too, need to submit this project by coming Thursday and struggling a lot with this project. Could you pls help me to guide on this, it would be great help for me if you just help me to start. Am struggling to get gain 10k.
Pls help me bro,

My contact no : 92981274
Email :
I'll be in NUS campus tomorrow (friday).
Thank you so much..

Gopal said...

sorry for the disturb