Friday, September 28, 2007

Grid Wars!!

Grid Wars 2, by Mark Incitti, is a freeware game for PC and Mac.

Basically grid war2 is a shooting game where you shoot those different shapes thingy and earn points, gain weapon upgrades, get item bonus like The bomb and well, basically, stay alive. And its not quite an easy task at first. I could only manage to like survive for a couple of mins, before being consumed by those space monsters that farking filled the whole screen. Serious shit, its damn exciting trying to find your way through and shooting the hell out of them.

Then there's this black hole element in the game where it will suck everything (including you!) into it and it expands while sucking in more and expand until it overwhelms and blast into pieces while unleashing everything it contains straight towards you! Killing the black hole earns you lots of points but its no easy task trying juggle between hitting it and managing the other little minons flying around you.

The longer you play, the more powerful the monsters become (i constantly gets freak out by new monsters especically those red thingy that rushes straight at me relentlessly), the higher your points multiplier will be (me got to only max 5X multiplier only) and the better your weapon system will become and thus lengthening your survival and also enhancing your points.

And of course, it is generally not acceptable to lose the game with bombs in your inventory. Bombs basically clear the screen of all monsters. But then, you get no points and your point’s multiplier falls back to 1X.

My best is 12 mins with ard 385k points.

Go try it!

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