Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Exams exams!

Exams coming up:

26/11/07 1pm @ E5-03-20/21: EE3101 Digital Signal Processing (Seat 72)
28/11/07 5pm @ MPSH6: EE2007 Microprocessor System (Seat 179)
03/12/07 9am @ MPSH4: EE3408 Integrated Analog design (Seat 64)
07/12/07 9am @ MPSH6: EE3702 Electronic Gaming (Seat 67)

I need lots of luck this time. Haiz...


chillycraps said...

woohoo, my paper ends earlier than you! (but also starts earlier...)

all da best!

Currytan said...

Yea, all the best to you too! =)