Sunday, August 12, 2007

Of a new semester

EE3001: Technology Assessment
EE2007: Microprocessor system
EE3408: Integrated Analog Design
EE3101: Digital Signal Processing
EE3702: Electronic Gaming

Analog electronics was taken out due to the unfriendly exam date which happens to be on the same day as EE3408. EE3408 was chosen over 3407 as it is a pre-req for an ic design module, EE4410, which i wana take. EE4410, ic and system design, a 8mc module which covers over 2 sem, is a project module where students will design an integrated CMOS mixed signal system, fabricate it onto a chip as well as the testing of the chips. However, this module is quite hard to get. It's by registration and has a quota of 30 or so, priority given to those with ic design sponsorship and/or ic design fyp. So yup, it’s going to be competitive. Argh nvm, i've digressed.

Ahh, the timetable, it seems that i've managed to squeeze a free day on friday. But its probably not going to be free most of the time due to the heavy project workload in most of the modules i am taking. Now lets see, 4 out of 5 is going to have projects. EE3001 (100%), EE3408 (30%), EE2007 (50%), EE3702 (50%). Well well, do i need to say more? lol

Oh btw, i saw this in the ECE3 welcome tea presentation slides:

MCs earned under IA (EG3601) will NOT be counted within the 12 MCS allowed under S/U Option (i.e. additional 12 MCs of S/U allowed) while CS/CU MCs earned under other EP modules, namely VIP, UROP, TIP, IP and IWP will be counted within the 12 S/U MCs option.

Can someone verify this? Omg, first they create a new cs/cu system and i believe its so that the enhancement programs (like VIP) will not be counted towards the 12 s/u points so as to encourage us to do them. Now, they wana make it count towards the 12 s/u points and try to screw us up issit? Sheesh. Wtf..


Anonymous said...

One moment can, another moment cant, NUS is going downhill.

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