Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Of timetable sem1 0708

Next sem timetable's out and a quick planning via the timetable builder gave me the following:

EE3001: Technology Assessment (Project module)
EE2007: Microprocessor system
EE3407: Analog Electronics
EE3408: Integrated Analog Design
EE3101: Digital Signal Processing (Maybe...)

Actually i intend to take EG2401 (Engineering professionalism), but it clashes with EE3407. I could have delay 3407 to next sem, but it clashes with something else next sem if i were to do that, so EG2401 will have to wait then. This means i have to find one more module to replace, but the other 2 breadth technical electives i intend to take are both available only in sem2 and i dun wana pia the depth electives yet...

So someone suggested Digital signal processing, since its quite pervasive in all electrical engin fields. But... it's signals stuff.... Either that, or i might just find some interesting arts module to s/u. Perhaps logic or dynamics of interpersonal relations or something..

Bidding is like pretty soon (next week?), let's worry about the 5th module then.. haha, for now still gotta have more fun before the vacation ends. Oh yea, the chalet in sentosa was great, the soccer game was fun, and so was the sightseeing, heh.


blueodyssey said...

wed go back for 1 lecture only? haha so sian.

SuNsHiNe said...

I HAVE graduated!!! hahaha amazing rite! u all thot i cant grad XD

eh.. wad kinda mods u lacking? if u need UEMs can try

1. MNO2311 Leadership in Organisation (Also if u need SARTOR haha)

2. GEMXXXX Science of Music (Forgot the code)

a few i wanted but could not get

1. Personal Finance (Super hot, may need LOTS of points sobs)

2. i forgot le omg.. and i forgot my NUS email password! tell u next time hahaha~


Currytan said...


U know, that 1 hr slot is more like for skipping one..haha. But then again, we have a project mod and have to meet up to discuss proj, so yea might make it on wed haha.


Wahaha! Graduated liao, happy lar.. i still have 2 yrs to struggle.. >.<

Anyway i am thinking of taking technical electives and then s/u for my UEMs... haha crazy i know..

SuNsHiNe said...

wahhh technical electives for UEM! u tryin ur best to drop ur CAP ah! anyways not goin IA/ VIP? ur S/U free 1 sia.. oh DSP is alrite to take haha

Currytan said...

They changed the system liaoz, now VIP/IA not using the 12 s/u points. So i have 8 s/u points haven use.

Dsp good to take ah? I heard ppl say lecturer cmi.. But i think dsp is quite a useful knowledge to have. Any other recommendations on technical electives? Heh.