Monday, July 09, 2007

Of Platform Racing

Race with other online players and get to the ending point as fast as you can!

6 levels in total; have to get certain number of points before you can unlock the next level. My favorite level was infernal hop with a best timing of 39 secs! Heh.

It was quite fun, but only for a while. Cos after you try out all the levels, the excitement and fun died down. If only there are more levels then it would be great.

Try it out!


Anonymous said...

there are more lvs it just depends were u play new grounds best ive seen thus far 2 past infernal hop top infernal hop score for me :20

Anonymous said...

there r more lvs it just depends on wat site u use is the best ive found thus far my best infernal hop score:20

Anonymous said...

oops posted 2x my bad