Thursday, July 05, 2007

Bowmaster Game

"Your kingdom is under attack! You are armed with a legendary bow and can use a variety of spells and different types of magical arrows to defeat your enemy. Use strategy to prioritize your targets and exploit their weaknesses."

There are 4 modes of shooting, auto aim, point aim, pull string and drag anywhere.

1) Auto aim is where the arrow will go directly to your mouse click, no challenge at all lar, dun be such a wussy.

2) Point aim is similar to that of auto aim but this time your arrows will be subjected to effects of gravity. Power is determined by a power bar which you can set. Personally, this mode sucks, dun use it.

3) Pull string mode is the challenging one and the method I prefer cos it somewhat simulates the pulling of a bow string by clicking and holding a green circle button, then dragging and releasing it. The power is determined by the distance of how far back you pull the string and the angle is determined by the rotation of your bow.

4) The last one, drag anywhere, is similar to pull string mode only that for this one you are not restricted by the green circle and can drag anywhere you like.

There are skills and upgrades which you can get by using the money you earn after each level.

My opinion is to get the summons asap so you can have an easier time killing the enemies. However, there's friendly fire, so I always accidentally hit my own warriors and end up feeling so dumb lol. Next, dun bother about those weak single target magical arrows like fire and ice arrow; they sucks due to the cool down time. Go for those upgrades with AOE like fire wave and ice wave arrows, they are really handy.

Play Bowmaster here!


Jhalley said...

hey hey, ill try this out later...

also, thought you might want to try out this game that I play. its called desktop tower defense.

its a different kind of tower defense because you have to think of a way to make the little creatures stay longer in the maze that you create... quite fun... haha

Currytan said...

Hey Jhalley!

Yea i played that b4, quite fun. There's also Flash Element Tower Defense which i was quite addicted back then for some reasons.. haha. Thks anyway. =)

eStee said...

thanks for visiting the 9eek 9oddess :)

Beng Keong said...

noooooooo~~ what happened to our rose adventures? :(

Currytan said...

Heh thks for dropping by too! =)

Aiyo cannot always play one game only, must swtich ard so wun get bored. Now i also playing age of empires 3 too leh. Heh.

Currytan said...

And oh, i am now lvl74 and still doing 1st part of 2nd job quest.. i am sooo screwed lar.. =(