Saturday, January 13, 2007

Flash Element Tower Defense game

Flash Element TD is another tower defense game, similar to this game, but now with more variety of towers & monsters and with better graphics.

The objective is the same, to stop the monsters before they reach the end of the maze. There are 7 towers in total, all having options of upgrades. Furthermore, there is also the option of selling towers for 75% of the price, especially useful after getting the elemental towers where the basic towers are no longer of much help.

Some info/hints:

Canon tower is good for its splash damage and it has pretty decent damage for starting levels. This is only for land attack and this is my main tower at the early levels.

Arrow tower has a long range but with a rather low damage. This one can attack both land and air creature.

Air tower is an only-air attack tower which have relatively high damage and range compared to the above two basic towers.

Now, every 7 levels, you will get 1 wood and this wood can be use to upgrade your interest rate or research elements which in turn allows you to build elemental towers.

Water tower is the weakest in terms of damage (40) and range (75) among the 3 elemental towers. This tower, however, slows creatures down (on both air and land) upon hit and is very useful as well. Immune creatures will not be affected by the slow though.

Fire tower deals decent damage (400) over an average range (100) to both land and air creatures. Its splash damage coupled with a fast attack rate is especially valuable and this, in my opinion, should be your main tower once you research fire.

Earth tower has a huge damage (960) and decent range (130), yet its attack speed is very slow.

The combo rocket tower has an awesome damage of 2000 and a superb range of 170. Level 1 rocket has a slow attack speed. Upgrade it and you get a fast attacking rocket! This should be your main tower after researching all the elements.

Also, do make use of the interest rate system by keeping more gold in your bank; it helps alot.

There are 30 levels and 5 bonus levels for this game. I completed the game with a score of 5551, try to beat me! Heh.

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8811019387 said...

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The Negative Man said...

I scored 6690. Having lots and lots of reserve cash helps.

Anonymous said...

You really enjoying having just 5 mods hor. Up!

Currytan said...

@The Negative man:
Wow, you are good. I never got past 6k.. =(

Oh come on, its only the 1st week mah.. Heh.

Currytan said...

Yes yes!! I did it, with a score of 9166! Not going to give away too much hints, but saving up and choosing the correct tower-combinations is indeed very very important.

Anyone still up for the challenge? Heh.