Thursday, April 19, 2007

Of MOSFET brain and the saturation point

When studying for exams, there will be a point where your brain voltage increases until the voltage drop across the oxide at the drain brain edge equals that of the terminal voltage. This is when your brain goes into saturation mode and whatever increase in input doesn't affect the output anymore.

This is detrimental to the exam preparation as it might result in the loss of the electrons to useless stuff like msn, tv, games and blogging.

But fear not! Your brain channel length is not always a constant as what the ideal brain current-voltage relationship have assumed. Thus, due to the effects of channel length modulation, your brain current still can increase a little bit even after saturation.

But the marginal gain from saturation of the brain is very very little, so its better to let the electrons wander off and let the brain voltage drops till the linear region. It's in the linear region that your brain voltage will increase linearly with your input and thus making your learning, studying, mugging more effective.

Dun mug too hard guys, take a break once in a while and blog crappy stuff like this! Ha. =)


Hendri said...

Hahahah, what a great analogy! :P

tstar said...

i think your brain just reached its saturation.

Currytan said...

Heh. =)

Yalor, now in saturation mode, cant really study much these 2 days. Now have to relax abit then chiong during the weekend..

Sunne said...

Hehe, this is too funny.....