Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Of elephant in the way

Taken from Newgrounds forum:

While these are pretty creative answers, this one in my opinion is just plain shooting yourself in the foot. The student must be really desperate.

A good laugh though. Heh.


Nakazawa said...

b) Does the object continue to move after it is at rest?

What the hell is this kind of question man... AFTER it is at rest, obviously it does not move lah!

nakazawa said...


well, i think the "scientifically correct" answer should involve stuff like oscillations etc... but then, with this kind of question, i tend to go 'wtf' first.

kinda thought of the time when I saw one of the problems in my EE2006 midterms and went 'wtf' also.

chillycraps said...


wah lao I wish I have the courage to do that. The most I did was to draw on the back of my o level papers.

Currytan said...

Woah who ask you to go interpret the question? You need to relax dude and appreciate the humor in the answer. Haha.

I wish i have the time to even draw...