Saturday, September 30, 2006

Of quick feet and tennis

ZG kena punished to do quick feet for not running for balls, erm i mean tennis balls. Instead, he was just waiting for the balls to go to him. Damn din get a good shot, you guys should see the shag look on his face and all the vulgarities & complains spewing out of his mouth during the session. Priceless!


mw said...

looks like my tekan of quick feet is making a legacy. haha. who tekan him? chong?

Currytan said...

Yup yup J.Chong did it. Heh.
Anyway, zg has something to confess to you leh, Mitch. Lmao!

NinjaLZG said...

WOAH!!!!! *er hem* I didn't say anything!!! It's J chong who said it. The thought of it is so revolting that I feel like puking. *pukez*

gosh. Life is really hard. So,

HARD LIFE LAR. =p <--- (I'm back...)