Friday, September 29, 2006

Of a fan fic

Currytan set foot on his diablo2 journey only during his army days, due to boredom and the existence of a certain crazy diablo addict who sort of motivated him to explore further into the game and even writing a fan-fiction. So, towards the end of his diablo2 career, Currytan wrote a short story entitled "Journal Of a Rogue Hireling" which was based on the perspective of a hireling instead of main characters, as she travelled the diablo world with her master, a Druid. The story was only posted on Planet Diablo Forum and was completed in Dec 2004. Nothing much was heard about it since I quit the game. However...

Yesterday, Jere, who was surfing the net in the PC cluster with me, accidentally stumbled upon a mysterious blog by the name of currytanthewindwalker. He typed "currytan.blogspot" instead of "justsomegibberish.blogspot" and got a shock of his life as he thought I have changed my blog completely.

Yet, on closer examination, I realised what that blog was all about. My entire story was posted there!! Sheesh... I've got a fan??! Crap, someone posted my story without my permission.. Wah lao, only want the story to be read within the PDF community only lor.

But then again, I am not really disturbed by this, it has been quite a while back anyway. Now if you somehow want to read my lousy story, you know what to do..


Nakazawa said...

Are you sure you didn't create that blog and forgot about it? It's created in Dec 2004 rite?

Currytan said...

Please lar...I certainly wasn't aware of the existence of that blog before Jere showed me. You think I so bo liao meh. Furthermore, I am not schizophrenic hor!