Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Of the first day

Wanted to blog about it yesterday after I got home at around 7pm but tiredness took me and i fell asleep almost immediately when i saw the bed... Thats what you get for not having enough sleep the night before a 8-6 day. And not only that, we (jere, yeow and myself) ended up running around looking for our LT in an unfamiliar fac after getting into the wrong class for ST2334... and also not forgetting to mention: shopping for textbooks. It was a tiring first day.

Somehow I cant tune my brain back to the normal sleeping hours. You see, back then in the holidays, sleeping hours were from 3-4am till 10-11am. So when I decided to force my brain to shut down at 12am the night before, it refused. And in the end, I only manage to sleep at 3+am and waking up at freaking 6am for a 8am lecture.

First lectures were usually on the module organisation, go through some admin stuff, what to expect, the grading system and perhaps start getting into the first topic if the time allows. Yet, the first ST2334 (Probability and Statistics) lecture was really one of a kind lar!

It was a 2 hrs slot, from 4pm to 6pm. He did not really cover much by the time we went in (we were late remember? see above), just going through some of the things to expect for the module. And then he went on to this long discussion on which tutorial slot we would prefer as he's still keeping the options open in view of the fact that some were not able to make it for all the current slots. After which he decided he should just speak to those who were affected, which was only 5 of them.

By then its almost 5pm and just when we thought he's going to start the lecture proper, we were dismissed! The purpose of the lecture was mainly for settling the tutorial stuff, I recalled him saying. Holy crap, we RAN for your lecture hello? Why dun he just start the first lecture, then we wouldn't need to rush at the end of sem or something. There is like 1 hr left lor. Then again, I think about it and realised, hey its a science module! Its different from engine, they have no need to rush their modules crazily like ours. Yes, that makes perfect sense now.

Oh and have i mention that studying/attending lecture/even walking around in science fac is undoubtedly more relaxing than in engine. There is this homely feeling like as though we were back in our hometown or something. I mean there are locals here! Not just a few groups of them here and there, but everywhere, hell lots of them. Yeah!! Home sweet home! (Read: It kinda reminded us that we are indeed still in Singapore and not in erm China or India.)

Ok oops sending out the wrong signal here, mugineers engineers, we will hang in there no matter what ya? All the best for the new semester!


Beng Keong said...

LoL... JH u made me feel so glad i missed school on monday XD

Don_Jerome said...

err...u missed out the part where we moved out of LT22 20 mins into the chem lecture from the middle row... haha...the three stooges we shall infamously be known as henceforth.

blueodyssey said...

i also very sian!

MAE is so chim. First few lectures i blur already. haiz. Tutorial more den 50% cannot do. Maths do and do keep getting wrong ans! Haiz