Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Of micron industry talk

Went for the micron industry talk just now and now I am more interested in the industry. Have always been interested in the microelectronics and semiconductors industry, so wanted to find out more. Micron deals with DRAM (dynamic random access memory) which provides high speed data storage and retrieval, NAND flash memory which is an excellent storage solution for mp3 players and thumbdrives where data is retain even if there is no power, CMOS image sensors and many more exciting new technology.

Micron requires electrical, electronics, mechanical and materials engineering trained personnel. They mentioned the 4 qualities they look out for in their applicants: Initative, Critical thinking, Independent-learning and Team-player. And doesn't necessarily have to be 1st class.

Check out their internship programme: Here
And their scholarships: Here

Now, I am slightly more motivated to study harder for EE2004 (Electronic Devices) and EE2005 (Electronics). Heh.

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Pandemonium said...

Have you considered a minor in optical and semiconductor technology?

Currytan said...

Nah, dun nid to be so hardcore lar. Heh, still keeping my options open anyway. Thks for the info. =)

cheahchuwen said...

sounds cool leh. go for it. micron is good industry.