Sunday, August 13, 2006

Waterspout in Sentosa

"A waterspout - commonly known as tornadoes over the sea - has been spotted off the coast of Sentosa, spooking many who were spending a lazy Sunday on the beach. "

Read the rest of the report from Channelnewsasia: Here.

Waterspout developed as a result of warm water heating up the air from below causing the air to rise.

As the air rises within the unstable atmosphere, adiabatic cooling causes its temperature to decrease. When the temperature reaches the dew point, the condensation gives the waterspout its rope-like appearance.

Contrary to popular belief, waterspouts do not suck water into its central core. The core consists of a condensed water vapour.

Source? Nus' GEK1524: Living with fluids, part 2: The role of fluid mechanics in our weather system. Take this, its a great module. Heh.

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