Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Of C programming joke

I was quite amused when I saw a post on the cs1101c forum asking why his program doesn't work. I looked at his program and spotted this line among other not so fatal errors:

#include <studio.h>

Erm studio.h?? lmao!


kr said...

Hey, come on, we are too used to standard english la, haha

blueodyssey said...

i forgotten my c programming liao. bleahz

Don_Jerome said...

dude...i dun see wats wrong man... muhaha...die...so fast forget everythin.

The FABtastic One said...

haha.. it should be stdio.h mah.

standard input/output, i think? haha.. definitely NOT studio..

Currytan said...

Haha yea Fabian is right.

I think i very bad, laugh at beginner.. lol