Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Of friends and such

The dinner on sunday after Jared's house gathering was great. And soon Jared will be heading for the US for his university education. Jevon, Si Qi and Tim will also be heading back to France and UK respectively to continue their studies.

The gathering thus marks the end of this vacation.

Having a meal with great friends has always been a wonderful experience. As such, i don't mind spending more than I should be on a meal with a group of good friends in a gathering as I am always thankful for having friends around me and no amount of money could buy me such an experience.
And it has been all these efforts to meet up and keeping in touch that the years and distance didn't come between us.

Perhaps, I am just too sentimental. But the next time we can all meet up again is going to be another year, another hectic and crazy year may i add.

Then i thought of some of my friends back then in JC. We were inseparable then. Now, we hardly meet up. Some were perhaps too busy with work/school. Some just drifted apart and lost touch. Perhaps it's the lack of maintenance on my part. Perhaps our interests just don't match anymore, our ideas don't agree and opinions differed.

Then i thought of my secondary school friends. Some of their names remained vaguely in my memory, while others became blurred. Some I still see them around once a while, but it's just "hi" & "bye". Some I think I couldn't even recognise anymore. Sheesh. Has it really been such a long time?

Perhaps I am just thinking too much, by my lappy listening to some melancholy music ringing down my eardrums, with some problems hanging at the back of my mind, drifting slowly into a lonely night. Because thats what people do, we think too much when we are alone.

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tstar said...

Sounds like you've got a lovely bunch of close friends. Well it can't be helped that people drift apart with time, especially when they all spend time somewhere else. It's still great that you meet up with friends for a meal. yar, I agree with you that it's ok spending more when you're with a group of close friends...haha, I thought usually people is say the other way round one...