Saturday, August 19, 2006

Of mad rush day

Pandy had his mad rush day on monday, mine is on fridays. Well, at least yesterday wasn't much of a mad rush, but its still quite a rush. Lesson began at 9am while I was caught in a traffic jam along clementi road and that translated into a 15mins loss of vital information about the energy bands theory of EE2004. Immediately after the lecture at around 0945, its another rush from engine to science for gem2900 class. The lecture? Slack! Dismissed 30mins earlier, thought we could rush back to engine and have a quick lunch, but the crowded internal sardine buses shattered all hopes.. Got to LT6 just in time for EE2005 lecture and began a rather relaxed lecture on amplifier circuits. And the end of this lecture concluded our day. Woah imagine on days with labs, there will be more rushing man. Sheesh. But anyhow, we went over to arts canteen (thats when tstar saw me i suppposed, heh) for our late lunch. Oh, why arts, i hear you ask. Go figure.

Btw, after which, the 2 jeres and I went to sim lim where the 2 of them got a seagate 80GB 5400rpm external hard drive for only $128 from video-pro shop on the 4th floor. A pretty good deal, i must say. Definitely a better deal than the one at the science bazaar which was like $179 for 80GB, sheesh. Why so much storage space? Aiya for videos lar. (what kind of videos, i hear u ask again. heh)

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