Sunday, March 12, 2006

Some Clips + My Brother's Exam results!

Hilarious clip by Tripod in a performance at a comedy festival. Link here, stolen from Pandemonium's.

Tips: Click "play" then "Pause" and wait for it to load completely before viewing.

Oh in case if you found the nick pandemonium ringing a bell, you might be one of those Diablo2 players lurking around the Planet Diablo Forums. Yes he is the man with the extensive knowledge about the realm of diablo, often hanging around the forums to help out newbies and give advice to many other players out there including myself. He even wrote a fan fict that not only displayed his far-reaching familarity of the diablo2 game; it also exhibited his amazingly fantasy mind which was far greater than mine. Yes i attempted 2 fan ficts in that forum before which was nowhere compared to his. In fact, I gave up on the second one, which to this day, I am still holding on to the hope of completing it. Yet, the hectic workload of school life totally shattered that possiblity.

Ok moving on, since we are at the topic of game, I present to you Ultimate Utopia XXIII. Again link stolen from KarKen aka Half Asleep
. This is a must watch for Final Fantasy fans! Another hilarious shit that made my day. =)

Next, now that we have seen Initial D, here check out Initial OK!, Singapore's version of Initial D. Very cool and creative clip.



Woah! Temasek Poly released their exam results and when i looked at my brother's result, it was a total Joy. All I saw was Distinctions and As plus one B+. Amazing.

Oh btw, he is doing engineering too.

Congrats brother! Cheers!


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